The end…

…of summer is nigh. And mrs slowdog has left the unseasonably cold Chicago climes for sun, pool parties and Hangover slot machines.

Hangover slot machine

The thing is, she didn’t bring me along. The joke is on her though, because while she’s away I get to play bachelor!

An evening alone

And by playing bachelor I mean enjoying some bourbon and watching Battlestar Galactica. And thats not all! A friend and I are doing some weekend warrioring with our bikes to places unknown. Well, ok, they are known since it will be the Chicago metro area, but still, an adventure of bikes, breweries and night in the hammock lies ahead. But wait, there’s even more! Next weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Beer Gran Fondo, which means we celebrate with Beer Gran Fondo Due. Oh the joys that September brings!


Yet again, here are two starkly different songs making regular rounds at the doghouse.

Voyager by Jenny Lewis.

Dangerous by Big Freedia. I have never heard of bounce music before coming across this song. Its energetic and makes you want to wiggle. This song doesn’t seem to be anywhere on YouTube or it’s counterparts, so I embedded a link from Rdio, which you might need an account to hear.

Also, I’ve been addicted to Imogen Heap’s new album Sparks, which is being streamed at NPR’s First Listen.


I’ve been in music discovery mode for a little while now. Here are a couple more tunes I’ve been rather fond of.

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle. I’ve played this modern soul and funk beat where ever I go (along with the rest of the album!). And lucky me-they’re playing at Thalia Hall in Chicago this fall. mrs slowdog and I will most definitely be there.

Old Time Religion by Parker Millsap. Millsap has a great way of questioning beliefs, without coming right out asking it. It’s hard to tell where he lies. Either way, the music is damn good!